The Story of Stryve Digital Marketing

To understand our approach to marketing, it’s helpful to know how Stryve got started and the journey our brand has been through. When we were founded we were known as Stryve Group, but we have grown a lot since then and have made changes to our brand. What has stayed consistent is our belief that the world of marketing is always changing. We are frustrated with the old models of customer interaction that don’t focus on results or stay on top of new developments and technologies. We want everyone to embrace the new world of digital marketing and come along with us on the journey.

The Principles That Guide Us

We take timelines and budgets seriously. We deliver on-time, in full and within budget.

We don’t trust consultants that talk theory but have never done the work. We don’t trust marketers that talk tactics, but never about strategy. Our clients hire us because we think, and they pay us because we do.

We communicate effectively & always put the shoe on the other foot. We’re open and honest, but always polite.

Whatever the challenge, we’ll put our heads together and work through it. We’re ALL responsible for success.

We are relentlessly curious. Our determination to get better every day is infectious. Our team and our clients are better for it.

We believe the biggest risk is not pushing forward and trying new things.

Around here, we laugh a lot. Not taking ourselves too seriously helps us take our work seriously.

Financial discipline allows us to invest in things that matter. Instead of chasing short-term wins, we focus on creating a business built for the long haul.

Meet the Team

Sourov De


As co-founder and President of Stryve, Sourov brings over 10 years of marketing experience to the team from his time in brand management at Unilever.  He currently provides Stryve with key strategic direction and spearheads the team’s business development efforts.

Sourov’s goal is to build Stryve into the digital marketing company of the future. Sourov attended Harvard Business School for his Executive Education,  is  the Chair of the Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA, and was also named as one of Kitchener-Waterloo’s Top 40 under 40 in 2012 in addition to winning a Laurier School of Business Alumni Award for his business and community building efforts.

Favourite food: Steak and Indian food (not necessarily together)
Favourite hobby: Sports with a side of more sports. Watching sports, playing sports, talking about sports, and even writing bios on websites mentioning the word “sports”.

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Ryan Burgio


Ryan Burgio is one of Stryve’s founders and serves as the company’s Managing Director. Ryan is responsible for strategic guidance and optimization for all of Stryve’s accounts.

Ryan has over 10 years of experience in strategic digital marketing. He started as an associate with Daggerwing Group, a marketing consulting firm within Omnicom in 2004. He cut his teeth working on marketing implementations for Fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, GE and GlaxoSmithKline. Since then he’s worked with over 50 different companies across multiple industries.

Ryan’s goal is to bring big-brand thinking to Stryve’s clients regardless of the size. He was also named as one of Kitchener-Waterloo Record’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2012 for his business and community building efforts.

Favourite food: Anything he can down in 5 minutes at his desk. Oh, and also Chicken Wings.
Favourite hobby: Taking rec-league soccer far too seriously

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Chloe Jung


Before Chloe landed at Stryve in 2011, she got her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Laurier with a double concentration in Marketing and Brand Communication. As Stryve’s first hire, she brought a tech & marketing background to the table having worked at Blackberry and on a marketing execution for Coca Cola’s NOS Energy Drink. Chloe is now responsible for managing several key accounts, taking a lead on strategy and working with the team on execution. Her favourite projects involve cross-platform social media advertising, branding, and sponsored content campaigns. Over the past year, she has gotten her feet wet with a few great website projects and looks forward to continuing to expand those web skills. Feel free to check out some of her work on Stance HealthcareMcLeish Orlando, The SportScreen, and Moose Winooski’s.

Favourite food: More like favourite question – is it edible?
Favourite hobby: Chloe’s the office Granny. She get her kicks cooking, building furniture and restoring antiques

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Sarah Rosenquist


Sarah’s family is full of people who studied computer science, so she decided to be the black sheep and got a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from Wilfrid Laurier University. That said, an affinity for technology was not lost on her because she went on to work at Microsoft and a tech startup before coming to Stryve.

Sarah loves trying out new platforms, gleaning information from data, and integrating different digital marketing tactics. She has applied her marketing know-how to some great clients, including Intel AIM Suite, Wilfrid Laurier University, and United Way KW.

Favourite gadget: A new one
Favourite hobby: Winning at games – video games, board games, mind games… whoops, how’d that last one get in there?

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Brent Morrison


From an early age, Brent has had the overwhelming desire for creativity, even if it meant risking detention for doodling in class. Fast-forward to today, this creative junkie uses his talent and big ideas to help move brands forward. A graduate of Graphic Design, Brent’s first gig was designing team sports apparel for one of the world’s top sports brands, adidas.  His constant pursuit of growth lead him back to higher education, earning his diploma in Advertising. He’s interned with the Felt Lab at Quarry Communi­­cations and worked with various startups at Communitech. Brent’s diverse experience and curiosity is a strong asset to his creative thinking and execution.

As the world becomes more digital, it’s Brent’s mission to create engaging online experiences and develop effective branding to help companies get a competitive edge. Some of his work includes The SportScreen, QoC Health, and most recently Stryve’s branding overhaul.

Interesting fact: Brent is a trained black belt in martial arts. He’s also our office security.
Favourite hobby: Brent is a fitness enthusiast. Whether he is hitting the soccer field or breaking a sweat in the gym, keeping active is his top priority.

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Trish D’Amato


Trish is a nerd at heart, who has a love for killer creative and business overall, so digital marketing was a perfect fit when deciding her career path. Following graduation at Carleton University, where she earned her degree in International Business, Trish has worked with a number of great people and great brands, with the overall goal of making their businesses better. Her favourite projects include developing content, utilizing social media marketing strategies, and using tactics to make the world-wide-web an easier place to navigate and understand.

Favourite food: Anything that is wrapped in a tortilla
Favourite hobby: Goofing around with her two-year old pup, Larry.

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Grace Cole


Grace’s love for creativity was sparked in high school when she began studying art and design. Turning that love into a career, she graduated from Conestoga College with a diploma in graphic design. In previous roles, Grace has worked with a diverse set of clients, taking responsibility for creating and maintaining brand identities, web design, marketing materials, and campaigns. Through these experiences, she has become well-versed in traditional and digital media.

Favourite food: Pizza is always the answer.
Interesting fact: Grace volunteers with national service dogs (NSD), an organization that helps train dogs to aid families with autistic children or Veterans with PTSD.

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Matt Sourgoutsidis


Matt uses his flair for writing to craft creative content in a variety of forms. He is motivated by a challenge and believes in utilizing a versatile and adaptive written skill-set during marketing efforts.

Favourite food: Grilled calamari with an arugala salad.
Interesting fact: Matt is an avid woodsman that loves camping and portaging.

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Hinal Kotecha


Currently completing her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo, Hinal brings a passion for efficiency. She has worked at KPMG in both US Corporate Tax and Individual Taxation. Hinal is excellent at applying the tricks of the trade to help optimize the efficiency of her accounting tasks around Stryve’s office.

Favourite food: Walk in Special at Pizza Pizza
Interesting fact: Hinal sees her favourite music live at least once a year; the smaller the venue the better

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Jess Chorney


Jess is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University with a specialization in Marketing. Her passion for creativity and psychology drove her towards the marketing industry. Jess previously interned at Cadillac Canada and Philips Canada in marketing roles, and will help Styrve with organizational and marketing-related tasks.

Favourite hobby: Trying to become the next Cake Boss
Favourite food: Anything sweet