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  • Paid vacation
  • Corporate cell phone plan
  • Gym memberships and sports team fees covered
  • Flexible health benefits in the form of an HSA
  • Birthday lunches (and pranks)

And we work in one of the greatest cities

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Marketing Coordinator (Full-Time)

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What our employees have to say


As Stryve’s first hire, I’ve seen the company grow tremendously over the last few years. Being a part of a company that cares so much about constant improvement has been a really fulfilling part of my career. Plus, things are never boring around here—we’re busy as hell, we have a lot of fun, and we get to do it all in Kitchener-Waterloo!

ChloeHired in 2011

“Dream job” is clichéd, but working here is exactly what I had imagined for my career when I graduated. It means a lot to me that I can give opinions and make decisions that impact the direction of Stryve and its clients. A lot of young people don’t get that opportunity and thus don’t get fulfillment from their job, so I’m very lucky.

SarahHired in 2012

I have the freedom to take ideas, run with them, and see them to fruition because Stryve gets the importance of good, iterative design. Many designers will create logos or websites, but I get to do all different kinds of projects for clients across industries to really test my limits. I love that what I do makes clients feel proud to show their brand to the world.

BrentHired in 2013