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Stop! Don’t Talk to a Marketing Agency Without These Things

So maybe you need a marketing agency. Instinct tells you to get a conversation started ASAP. But there are some things you need to be ready with first. Try prepping with these three things: Go Beyond Goals to Gaps In the first conversation, a marketing agency will help define your goals. The best agencies will go one […]

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2017, your biggest marketing expense will be on digital ads. eMarketer indicates that digital ad spend will surpass all other media spend, including television. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to set or refine your digital marketing strategy. This presentation is for you if you’re facing the following tasks: Designing a digital […]

Check Your Content Marketing Before September Hits

We’re in the dog days of summer right now. Time to analyze your content marketing strategy and improve for the rest of 2016. A common content marketing trap is focusing on quantity over quality. Content that provides value to your target market should always be your number one goal. Use this summertime downtime to ask yourself these questions: What […]

Summer Reading for Marketers

Summer is a great time to get away from the office and open your mind to new ideas that could improve your businesses’ marketing. Here are 3 books that are on my summer reading list and would be great reading for marketers. Pro tip: All of these books are available as audiobooks as well. Listening to […]

3 Things We Can Learn from the Raptor’s Social Media Success

The Toronto Raptors have reached the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history and the team has parlayed their success to the social media space boasting a social media follower growth rate in 2015-2016 that is among the top 5 in the NBA. The Raptors social media popularity is not an overnight […]

How New Grads Can Get a Job in Marketing

The trouble with graduating and finding a job right out of school is that literally thousands of other students are graduating and trying to find a job at the exact same time with a similar degree or diploma as you. Think about it, you’re all graduating in April, right? If you’re going to land a […]

3 Reasons Why HubSpot CRM is the Best Free CRM Out There

For a few years now I’ve been struggling to find a CRM that integrates with Outlook. In an ideal world, when someone emails me about a new client project here at Stryve, I’d like to just click a button to add a new deal to our CRM from my Outlook inbox.  We used to be […]